Dear Diary…

I ragazzi del Nautico raccontano la Gran Bretagna, della quale hanno visitato alcune città, tra cui Londra e Oxford, durante lo stage linguistico svoltosi dal 28 aprile al 5 maggio 2018.

Sunday 29th April

Our day started at Westminster, where we met our guide David. He took us to the main turist attractions in the city.

Our tour started at Downing Street. Here we all took a photo with the famous horse guards. From there we went on to the Parliament, unfortunately though the Big Ben was being repaired, so we couldn’t see it. I was a bit disappointed about that.

After that we saw Westminster Abbey, were all the new kings are crowned. Then we walked for a while and reached St. Peter’s Park, where we saw war veterans marching. We also fed some nuts to a squirrel. On top of the steps we saw Buckingham Palace, the Queens’ residence. Unfortunately she wasn’t there. From there we went to Trafalgar Square, where the National Museum is. Then our guide brought us to Piccadilly Circus, where we thanked him, and he went away.

Here the teachers left us free, so we wondered around shops. In the end we walked to the London Eye, crossing the river Thames. After a coffee we headed back to the coach and left for Oxford. Alex Caldarone (2D)


Today we spent a long time in London, visiting the most important monuments and castles.
After getting up, at quarter past six, we had breakfast at home.
at eight o’clock we left home to go to the meeting point with other friends , not too far from home.
the bus trip, from Oxford to London, took about one hour.
our bus stop was in the city centre, in front of the Westminster Abbey.
Westminster Abbey is a very big church where all new Kings and Queens are crowned.
its magnificence is breathtaking, every little detail is beautiful.
but first:
we met our guide, David, in front of the Westminster Station, full of people.
in front of the station we saw only the Big Bang’s clock, because it was being repaired.
the guide took us to Downing Street, where there is the “number 10”, the house of actual english Prime Minister, Theresa May.
then we walked to the Parliament, where live lords and commons.
walking seven or eight minutes, we could assist to a particular event: the parade of the military on leave.
we arrived to the St. Paul Park, where there were a lot of animals like squirrels.
there were a lot of people with their children, it was very nice: around us there were very hight and big trees, on the banks of the river that runs through the park.
among trees’ foliage we saw the top of the statue that is in front of the Buckingham Palace.
this is the Queen’s official residence, today she wasn’t there.
then we walked to the Trafalgar Square, where we saw the National Gallery, on top of a flight of stairs.
in the centre of the square there is a very big fountain.
it was always colder, but it didn’t stop us: after having a lunch, we dispersed through Piccadilly’s streets to buy clothes or souvenirs.
before returning to our families, we crossed the bridge over the Thames and we stayed for a little time under the london eye.
than, we returned to the bus stop, to took the bus and come back home so tired but so happy. Marta Clivio (2E) and Giulia della Penna (2C)

A day in London

This morning we went to London by bus. When we arrived there we waited for the guide. He showed us a lot of famous places in London. The first thing that we saw was 10 Downing Street. It is the house of Prime Minister of England. Then we went to the Women of World War II’s statue. It is a very important monument in this city because it explains the importance of the women. After that we saw the Horse Guards. There we took a photo all together. It was very exciting. Then we went to Westminster’s Palace. It is the home of the British Goverments and it is very big. After that we saw the Oliver Cromwell’s statue. He was an important soldier in a civil war. Oliver died in 1658. We went to Westminster Abbey. It is a very big church. Then we visited the St. James Park where there was an important parade with old soldiers. It was interesting. In the St. James Park we could see a lot of squirrels. At the end of the tour we went to Buckingham Palace. In the foreground we saw two important symbols. The first is the lion that represents the Scotland. It is big and a wonderful place to visit. At Buckingham Palace you can see the famous change of the guards. When we finished the tour we went to Piccadilly Circus where we could go to shopping. There are a lot of shops and in this place there are a lot of lights. It was the most brilliant day of our life. Rocco Maranca (2C)

Dear diary,

We spent our first day of school trip in London. It was very cold but it was great. In the morning we met at the meetig point at 8.15 and then we left Oxford all together at 9 o’ clock. When we arrived in London the teacher divided us into two groups. There we started our walking tour with a guide called “David”. The walking tour started at the first minister’s house that is located at 10, Downing Street. Continuing our walk David showed us a monument in memory of women who  died during the Second World War. Then we took some photos with horse guards. David showed us the parliament of Westminster, and then we visited  St Margaret’s Church and  Westminster Abbey. While we were moving to St James’ park we saw the military’s parade and then Buckingham Palace. The tour ended at Trafalgar Square and then we went to Piccadilly Circus, where we had lunch  and  bought some souvenirs. Before  getting on the bus We had a walk on the bank of the  River  Thames. It was a wonderful day! Good night. Francesca Sbaraglia-Lorenza Buccella-Gloria De Nardis (2D)

Sunday 29th April

Today we visited London is a very popular tourist destination and it’s famous for its monuments, museums and, of course, its river, the River Thames.

London is bigger than Rome and it’s busy.

We went to London by bus.

We left Oxford at 8:30 a.m. and we arrived in London at 10:30 a.m. We did a walking tour. Our tourist guide showed us this fantastic city.

At first we visited the English Parliament, in Westminster.

In front of the “House of Commons” there is a statue of Oliver Cromwell.

He was an important paladin of liberty for Englih People.

He was the prime minister of the English Republic (the Lord protector) in 1653.

We visited Buckingham Palace, the Queen’s official London Home.

We walked along the River Thames. We watched the Changing of the Guard. It was amazing!

Then we went shopping to Piccadilly street and we bought some gadgets.

We took a lot of photos, too!

We came back to Oxford at 5:30 pm.

It was an unforgettable experience, but it was a very cold day! By Mattia Valentini(2D)   Matteo   D’Alessandro( 2E) and Davide De Iuliis. ( 2D )

Monday 30th April 2018

This morning I went with my friends at The Oxford Academy. This structure is very big and interesting. It has got a lot of sports field and some ping-pong tables. I really like this school. When I arrived I saw a lot of students. Then we went in a class and here there are a lot of books. After that I met my tutor. She is a very nice girls and she is 15 years-old. I was with my friend Stefano. In the first hour we did the literature lesson. The students were talking about a text of animals. It was interesting. During this hour we translated the story of “ The Beauty and The Beast. I enjoyed this lesson because the boys were very quite and the teacher was so good. In the second hour I went with my tutor to the Math lesson. It was so easy for me because the boy were smaller than me. During the third hour I went to the Art class. It is the most beautiful class that I’ve seen in the school. This first day in the school was incredible for me because the students are nice and kind. In the afternoon we visited the Museum of Natural History. This museum is very big and here there are some stuffed animals for example bear, turtles, crocodiles. I also could see a lot of species of birds and insects. They are very colourful. I will never forget this interesting visit. After this excellent experience we went to Westgate, It is a new shopping-centre and it is full of shops. Infact here I bought a t-shirt and a trousers. The shops are very cheaper. Today was a quite day. I really enjoyed it and fortunately the sun came out during the evening. I enjoy to stay in this country. 30th April 2018

Today was the first school day  at the Oxford Academy for us. We woke up early in the morning and we reached the bus stop. We caught the bus and went  to school. Here the teacher divided us into two groups: CLASSES and INTEGRATION. I was in the integration’s group. A teacher of the Academy told us that some of us would  do the class shadowing and the other would do theatre with him.  Tomorrow we will invert the activities. I had three hours of theatre and it was very funny and interesting. We had  a break of 30 minutes between the 2nd and the 3rd hour. The lessons finished at half past twelve. Than we left the school by bus and we reached the centre of the city. First we went to visit the Natural History Museum, where we saw fossils, rocks, animal and insects. There were a lot of insects and I was really scared because I hate them! We spent about 1 hour there. Then the teacher let us  go for a walk. During this time we ate and we made some shopping. I really love the shops in Oxford because there are very popular brands such as Victoria’s Secret, Calvin Klein, Mac and so on. Despite the freezing temperatures we walked from 16:30 to 18:00 and then we caught the bus to return to the host families. When we came back home we had dinner. It was very good. It was a beautiful, funny and also interesting day. I hope tomorrow will be the same. Francesca Sbaraglia

Tuesday  1st May


This morning we went to school. The first lesson was about  physical education, we had to do a competition of resistance. We had to  run fast and the winner was the one who could resist longer than the others. English boys and girls aren’t very good in running, infact the winner was my friend Mattia and I was third. The second lesson was about graphics  and the third was about  math. The English students  are very bad in math. I have studied that part of the program  when I was in primary school!

In the afternoon we went to the Ashmolean Museum. There were a lot of interesting things. My favorite ones  were the mummies. I have always wished I could  see a real mummy and I’m happy now.

There  were some more things I liked in that museum. For example “ The Bronze of Riace”and a lot of Roman vessels. I really enjoyed this day, it was very instructive and funny. Flavio Zulli (2E)

1st May 2018

We made a lot of activities. In the morning we went to school. My group had to do integration, so a school’s professors divided us and gave us a tutor chosen from the students. So the shadowing started. My tutor was called Alex. She is 14 years old. She told me the subject we will have in the morning: Maths, Physic and Drama. I really liked the first two lessons because I understood everything and I could do the exercises, while Alex couldn’t do them, in fact she said she was lost. Moreover, the lessons were interesting and I enjoyed to follow them. During Maths hour the teacher explained us how to find the mean from a frequency table, so he explained also the median, mode and range. He was really nice and a very good teacher. In the second hour we moved into science class. The teacher explained us something about the velocity/time graphs, so also how to calculate the gradient. We made an exercise and my tutor can’t do this, but I had already finished. After the break I had the drama course but I focused on some questions the professor gave us.

After school we went to the Ashmolan Museum. I liked the section dedicated to the Egyptian art. After that we visited some nice places in Oxford. Than we had about 1 hour free. After that we came back home. It was a great day.

Francesca Sbaraglia

Wednesday 2nd May :  Windsor Castle

During this day we went to  Windsor Castle. We took the bus and we arrived there at 2.00 P.M., It was very cold in the morning and then when we arrived to the castle suddenly it started to rain. Fortunately after a while the weather got better and the sun was shining. We took some photos of this beautiful castle and then we started the tour of the castle with the teacher. After we took a phone where there were a lot of audios about the history and the architecture of the castle’s rooms. Here there are are lot of paints and sculptures of queens and kings that died in the past. The structure of this castle is very big and there are a lot of rooms. Then we went to the St. George Chapel. The architecture  of these rooms is interesting and wonderful to see. After that we went to the dolly’s house. It is an important room for the Queen Elizabeth II. In the outside of this castle there is a big and beautiful garden. It is very nice. This castle is  very famous, infact it is where on 19th of May the Prince Harry will marry Meghan. This castle is of the Queen Elizabeth II and she comes here during the weekend when he doesn’t have any official events. This day was very exciting. We liked it so much. We won’t never forget this day. Rocco Maraca (2C)

Wednesday 2nd May

Today we went to the city of Windsor to visit its castle.

This castle is very big and really interesting!

It was made up by numerous buildings but only a few of them are open to the public because sometimes the royal family comes here.

We visited first St George’s chapel that is a beautiful church in neo-gothic architecture.

We really liked it because of its Windows, its high ceiling and the decorations.

Inside the chapel we loved the space dedicated to the chorus.

We went on with our tour and we came to visit queen Mary’s Dolls’ house that was very nice. This is a little castle in which everything worked like the big castle.

Then we went to the state apartments and in each room there were a lot of precious things, mostly of gold.

In 1992 a fire broke out in one of the rooms that damaged the other two.

The ceiling survived but some objects needed to be repaired so now you can visit them.

Finally, we saw the guards’ marches.

This visit was very interesting and we enjoyed to see the royal world. Francesca Sbaraglia – Lorenza Buccella

The day started after the registration at 9:00 after the registration I and my buddy Lorenzo met our tutor Callum who was a very gentle guy. At the beginning we went to the English class  where   Lorenzo and I  were given a task: we had to  translate “ the Beauty and the Beast” . At the second period we and Callum went to the maths class where we made some expressions and we learnt the mathematical probabilities; unexpectedly this one was *very* easy. After the second lesson  we had a break of about 30 minutes; during this break I discussed   with the others guy of the integration group about our new experience. After the break we went to the art class where I drew a pepper and Lorenzo an anime girl meanwhile Callum and the other students where drawing something but I don’t know what. At the end of the school day we went to the museum of the history of the science. This museum was so interesting but unfortunately we went out of the museum an hour after we entered. After the museum I and all the guys had two hours free. We went to Westgate a mall center; I went there with Gloria and Lorenzo but after a while I left them  Matteo and I  went around inside  the mall center. Before the end of the free time I bought a pullover for my brother and some tea for my mother. After this last part we went to the bus stop but unfortunately we missed the bus so we had to wait  for another bus. When we  returned to our host family We had pork chop and corn for dinner. Flavio Zappetti ( 2D)

Today was a new day in the town of Oxford.

We woke up at 6:50.

We got dressed and went out for breakfast, I ate some croissants together with my friend Flavio, while Jacopo ate cereals with milk.

When we left, we went to the square where we met our fellow adventurers!

Then, we went to the bus stop and there we took the bus, the same bus that would take us to school, to the Oxford Academy.

When we arrived, we entered a room where we had to register and they gave us a sheet of Beauty and the Beast.

There, we met our tutor: Callum, a very nice guy.

He guided us through the school buildings, towards the English class.

In that class, we talked about the story: Animal Farm.

I did not pay much attention to that class because I was busy translating Beauty and the Beast into Italian.

After English, we went to the Mathematics class.

The teacher, there, was very nice and was Spanish.

She gave us mathematical expressions and were very easy, then explained the probabilities.

The teacher was very good at explaining and she helped us to understand everything.

After maths, there was break.

There we ate what the families had prepared for us and we talked about what had happened to us.

Then, the art lesson started! Flavio and I started to draw random things, he drew a pepper, I drew a girl.

The lesson continued with a pleasant conversation with the class.

12:30, the school is over!

We all went to the bus stop and set off en route to the science and natural history museum.

We were early so we, like good kids, scattered around the city.

Then we went back and visited the museum from top to bottom.

It was all interesting.

It took us an hour to visit it all.

Around 6, we took the bus back home.

It was freezing!

When we returned home, we had dinner. We hate pork steaks, corn and potatoes!

This is what has happened so far.

Fin. La Carrubba Lorenzo (2D)

This morning  we went to the Oxford Academy. Oxford Academy is a very big school. It’s quite different from my school. There are different places outside where students can play football, tennis and other sports. There are several labs, a big canteen and a small theatre!

In the school all the students wear an uniform.  The uniform is very smart.  At first, when we arrived, some students told us what to do. Then we met our teacher. He was very friendly and funny. We had Drama lessons in English. For me it was the first time and it was not bad. We translated an extract from “Beauty and the Beast ”  and the Scene II of “Romeo and Juliet ” from English to Italian. Then we acted this. We laughed a lot.  In the afternoon we visited the Oxford University Museum of Natural History. It was founded in 1860 as the hub for scientific study at the University of Oxford. The museum is situated in an impressive neo-Gothic building and offers a variety of different permanent collections, exhibitions and events.

Then we visited Oxford, ‘’the city of the dreaming spires’’. The best way to see Oxford is on foot. We began our exploration of the Medieval university city at its heart: Radcliffe Square.

Oxford is a lovely place full of interesting architecture, beautiful parks and gardens.

I took some beautiful photos.  At 6:00 p.m. we took the bus and we came back to our host family’s house.  We had dinner and it was very good. Mr. King is a wonderful cook, but also a friend. We like talking to him.

We’ll never forget this day. Mattia Valentini

Yesterday I had my favourite lesson. It was a math lesson and I love it because it was so easy; anyways today we went to a new museum; it was a historical museum. In the museum there were everything, from prehistory to modern history. My favourite part of the museum was the japanese part. I loved the armor of the samurai and his sword. For his sword I  mean the katana and wakizashi (the sword for the seppuku). In the museum I also loved the paint of Turner, Monet and Manet. I don’t clearly remember other part of the museum; so that is all for today.


At the Oxford Academy, we did three subjects: English, Mathematics and Art.

All these subjects were fantastic, but … the Mathematics class was the best of all!

The teacher was beautiful and was Spanish.

We explained the probability and made some mathematical equations.

I had a lot of fun, the prof explained very well and if you did not understand something, you came next to you and he explained everything again.

Then we went to the Ashmolean Museum, where we mainly visited:

The chart of Lucera, a group of bronzes with human and animal figures, dated to the eighth century BC and found again in Lucera;


Drawings by Michelangelo, Raffaello Sanzio and Leonardo da Vinci;


Works by Pablo Picasso, Giambattista Pittoni, Paolo Uccello (remarkable Night Hunting), Anthony van Dyck, Peter Paul Rubens, Paul Cézanne, John Constable, Tiziano, Claude Lorrain, Samuel Palmer, John Singer Sargent, Gustave Courbet, Piero di Cosimo, William Holman Hunt and Edward Burne-Jones;


Watercolors and drawings by William Turner;


The Stradivari Messiah, violin made in Cremona by Antonio Stradivari;


The Pissarro Family Archive, donated to the museum in the fifties, consists of paintings, prints, drawings, books and letters by Camille Pissarro, Lucien Pissarro, Orovida Camille Pissarro, and other members of the Pissarro family;


A ceremonial Arab dress by Thomas Edward Lawrence;


A mortuary mask by Oliver Cromwell. Mattia Valentini

Today at school we played at the game of the goose to review the vocabulary, then we did some exercises, made the phonetic symbols applicable then to exercises on countable and uncountable.

After leaving school, we went to an “Ashmolean museum”.


The museum was divided into six floors but the last was dedicated to the piano bar


At the floor -1 are exhibited some finds as many coins and finds of cultures.


On the ground G instead

there are several statues of Greek culture including a statue of Athena the goddess of wisdom restored by Giovanni Battista Guelfi.


On the 1st floor there are exhibits of Asian art such as Islam india and Cyprus.


On the third floor there was a gallery of paintings and sculptures with an antique piano.

Today is the third day in Oxford, I woke up at 6:45 and after that I had breakfast.

I went to the Oxford Academy, today we played the little duck, duck, goose and while playing at this game, miss Mary was checking our pronunciation for giving us the day’s prize!

After this, she gave us some papers with exercises that were about countable and uncountable nouns.

When the lessons ended, we went to take the bus, because we had to go to Oxford’s centre where we went to see Ashmolean Museum.

It was composed of 5 floors, on the last floor, there was the restaurant.

In the rest of the museum, there were many types of ancient manufacturing.

But for me, it wasn’t really interesting, I prefer other things.

In facts, I saw everything really quickly and without paying much attention.

When we got out the museum, we walked around the Oxford’s centre, we took some selfies and some people climbed up a tower.

Then, we returned home with our bus and I’m writing this text now.

Good night!

This morning we went to Oxford Academy. In my opinion, it’s an outstanding learning environment for student. Some of my classmates had general English lessons. I was in the Integration group.  I spent my time with English students during their lessons at school. I had an English student as a tutor.  His name is Callum. He’s a friendly boy. He told me what to do. At first I went with him and with some other Italian students to the gym because they had Physical Education (PE).

We did a running race with an English class and I won the race. Then I went with Callum to the Technology lab. I drew a wardrobe with the perspective technique. The teacher liked it. At 11.00 we had a long break.  Then, I went with Callum to the Maths classroom. The teacher was explaining the probability and the theoretical frequency.  I studied this some years ago, so it was easy for me to understand what she was teaching. I did some exercises.  Callum and I shared our phone numbers. So now I can write him emails. Shadowing is a great way to improve our English communication skills. We can make friends with them and they can help us if we have a problem.

Then, in the afternoon, we visited the Ashmolean Museum. It’s a very big museum in the centre of Oxford. It’s the University of Oxford’s museum of art and archaeology. It was founded in 1683. Its world famous collections range from Egyptian mummies to contemporary art. It’s a very interesting museum! I saw some works of Oriental and European art.  I saw some Manet and Monet’s paintings. At the end, when I was going to the exit, I saw the Prince of Lillies.  I studied it at the middle school and I saw it by chance.  I was very happy!

I’m having a great time in the UK. My host family is fantastic and I’m really enjoying my study holiday in Oxford. Mattia Valentini

2nd May

This afternoon we went to Windsor, in the English county of Berkshire. We visited the amazing Windsor Castle, a famous residence of the Royal Family. It’s the largest and oldest inhabited castle in the world.

The Queen uses the Castle both as a private home, where she loves spending the weekend and as an official Royal residence for some formal duties.

We visited the magnificent apartments were we could admire some paintings by Rubens and Canaletto. We saw  Sir Lawrence’s portraits and they were beautiful. He portrayed very famous people like Papa Pio VII and Sir Arthur Wellesley. They were some important characters who fought against Napoleon. We also visited St George’s Chapel, one of the finest examples of Gothic architecture in England.

Inside St George’s Chapel Prince Henry and Meghan Markle are getting married on 19th May, 2018.

Windsor Castle is a magical place with beautiful parks and gardens. We were really excited and happy. It was a very emotional experience!

The UK is full of incredible attractions, towns, cities, monuments, parks and picturesque views. In our opinion, it’s the ideal destination for our study holidays. Mattia Valentini, Matteo D’Alessandro and Davide De Iuliis (2D) (2E)

Today we went to the town of Windsor.

In this town, we visited Windsor Castle: Windsor Castle is a former mansion and residence in Windsor, important for its ancient relationship with the British Royal Family and its architecture.


We went there after school.

We did not have much time to visit the whole structure because the state apartments and the chapel of St George closed at 5.

The Chapel of St. George is the chapel of Windsor Castle, one of the British royal residences, belonging to Queen Elizabeth II, it is also the main chapel of the Order of the Garter.

The State Apartments are apartments where the royals lived and still live.

Each room is used for its purpose.


We saw so many paintings there like the paintings of Lawrence.

He painted very famous people such as Sir Arthur Wellesley.


It was all quite interesting, a little tiring. Lorenzo La Carrubba  and Flavio Zappetti (2D)

School in UK and in Italy.

In England, by law, all children between ages 5 and 16 must receive full-time education.

Primary education starts in Year 1. Pupils begin their secondary education at the age of 11.

At age of 16 all pupils take a series of exams called the General CertIficate of Secondary Education (GCSE).

After taking GCSEs, students can leave secondary school or they can choose to continue their education at technical colleges. Students continuing on an academic path may attend sixth-form colleges during Years 12-13. Following two years of study, students may take A-Level examinations, that universities in the UK require for their courses.

Education in Italy is obligatory from age 5-6 to 16. Primary school starts at the age of 6.

Pupils begin middle school at the age of 11.

14 is a very important age for Italian students because they take an important national exam.

At 14 students have to choose a new type of school.

This decision can change their lives, in fact it can determine their future careers.

High school starts at the age of 14. Students have to study a lot of subjects and they also have a lot of tests.

Their parents can check their marks on the Internet.

By law, in Italy students can leave school at 16, but most students continue until they graduate from High School at 18. When they leave High School they can go University.

English school buildings are more beautiful than Italian school buildings

In the UK, there are different places outside where students can play football, tennis and other sports. There are several labs, a big canteen, and a theatre, too!

English students have lunch in the school canteen. Some students bring a packed lunch from home.

A packet lunch is usually sandwiches and a drink.

English pupils wear a school uniform. That’s cool! I’d like to wear a uniform. Italian Pupils don’t have to wear a school uniform, but they have to dress in an appropriately way every day.

In the UK, Pupils are polite and respectful. Learning is planned carefully to ensure pupils make good progress throughout their time at the school.

Positive relationships between pupils and teachers contribute to a safe environment where pupils are challenged and supported at the same time.

Learning is planned carefully to ensure pupils make good progress in Italian schools, too.

Pupils must respect the starting and finishing time. Pupils mustn’t eat or drink during lessons.

Pupils mustn’t smoke. Smoking is forbidden and punished with a fine. Drugs and alcohol are forbidden, too. Pupils mustn’t use the mobile phone during their lessons. When the students are absent from the lessons they must bring a note from their parents to justify their absence. Pupils must keep their classroom tidy and clean. Pupils must respect their teachers, their classmates, the school personnel and the school material. Pupils must use the structures correctly. Pupils must inform their parents about the documents that are read by teachers in classroom.

But some Italian students don’t respect these rules!  Mattia Valentini ( 2D)

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