Fakes and deep fakes – Virtual event for Media Smart Citizens of the Future Erasmus+ KA229

Jovita Žilinskienė, an English language teacher expert, coordinator of the Erasmus + project “Media Smart Citizens of Future”, organized a virtual event – a meeting with a journalist, media expert, Lukrecijus Tubys. In the inclusive lecture “Fakes and Deep Fakes”, he shared his knowledge with teachers and students of the project “Smart Media Smart Citizens of Future” partner countries – Croatia, Italy, Turkey, Portugal.


In his brief introduction, the lecturer revealed that media literacy helps him, as a specialist, to orient himself well in the field of changing mass communication. He underlined that media literacy should become the ability of every current information user to critically evaluate information on constantly updated media platforms. Based on examples, eloquent photos and videos, engaging the audience in the discussion, giving them the opportunity to draw their own conclusions, he presented several tools to help distinguish valuable information from misleading news. During the discussion, the participants deepened their understanding of the impact of the Deep Fakes methodology on the dissemination of information: not only the great threats posed by the anti-democratic part of society, but also the possibilities of cultivating creativity, beauty, empathy and altruism. Summing up, Lucrecius Tubys wished to behave safely and responsibly in the information space, and to apply his knowledge and understanding only by disseminating to society beautiful things that did not obey moral norms.


This event of the Erasmus + project “Smart Smart Citizens of the Future” reaffirmed that in an age of intense information change, critical thinking skills and tools are essential to prevent the media user of the 21st century from becoming a medieval false proponent of false prophets and scattering science and progress. .


The Italian team was composed of three students Elefteria Shtrepi, Fabiana Zappalorto and Mattia Di Giuseppe the coordinator, Prof. Ladislao Di Michele,  and the English teacher, Prof.ssa Romina Marchesani.





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